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How Much?

I know what you’re thinking, “how much is this first aid stuff going to cost?”

Event First Aid Cover

First of all, let’s talk event cover. What does it cost to hire our staff to look after you at an event.

That’s easy. £30 for every hour (or part thereof) for every person we send. There is however a minimum charge of 3 hours. So, 1 person for 3 hours would be £90. No extras, no hidden costs. We do not charge for every bandage, plaster or ice pack. These are all included in that £30.00.

If you need 4 people for 5 hours, the maths is simple.

4 x £30= £120

£120 x 5 hours = £600 that’s it.


Below you’ll see the cost for the courses we offer. Nothing hidden, no nasty extras.

Unless of course, you’re booking for a group of people. In which case, it will cost you less per student, as we offer discounts for groups. How much discount depends on how many people you’re paying for.

If you’re simply booking yourself on to a course, what you see is what you pay, no surprises, there’s not even any VAT to add. The cost includes all training materials such as dressings and triangular bandages to practice with, tea, coffee etc. to keep you refreshed, and of course biscuits. There has to be biscuits.

The certificate you receive when you pass is also included, and for all but Basic Life Support, this certificate is valid for 3 years. (BLS is only valid for 1 year). We will obviously remind you of this before your certificate expires, so that’s one less thing you need to worry about.


If you’re booking and paying for a group of people, there is less admin for us, fewer emails to send, and less work all round. It’s only fair that we pass on some of these savings to you. Book 4 to 7 people on a course and we’ll reduce the cost by 10%.

If however you have 8 to 10 people then you get 20% off the price.

The maximum on any course is 12 people. So, what do you pay for students 11 and 12?


That’s right, nothing. Book 11 or 12 people on the same course and only pay for 10.

AND… Still get 20% off.

Course Title
Length of Course
First Aid at Work
18 Hours
Emergency First Aid at Work
6 Hours
First Aid at Work Refresher
12 Hours
Paediatric First Aid
12 Hours
Paediatric Emergency First Aid
6 Hours
Sports First Aid
6 Hours
Activity First Aid
16 Hours
Wilderness Workshop
16 Hours
Basic Life Support (Including AED)
3 Hours
Vital Signs
6 Hours
Family First Aid (For New Parents) *
2 Hours
School Inset Days
Contact us For Details
Contact us For Details

Prices are per person

N.B. Discounts are available for group bookings. Please contact us for details.

* Discounts do not apply to the Family First Aid course.

Travel and Overnight

If we are needed more than a short drive from our Reading/Wokingham office we may charge extra for travelling and accommodation. Petrol stations, hotels, B+B’s and campsites charge us, so these charges will be passed on to you. These costs will be unique to your training/event so we can talk money as and when needed.