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About time

I’ve done it!

I’ve started a YouTube channel.

Now don’t go all stupid on me, I’m no Joe Sugg or Saffron Barker, (Google them if you don’t watch Strictly) I’m certainly not a Casey Neistat or Ze Frank. My photography is not up to the standard of Peter McKinnon and I will not be saying “What’s up?” at the start of everything I post. “Why do so many people say that?”

This is going to be a civilised place to go and learn, mostly first aid, as that is after all, what this channel is going to be about.


It’s not going to be like the videos that well known voluntary first aid organisations throw out, it’s going to be a… well, to be honest, I have no idea what it’s going to be.

To start with I need somewhere to film my “stuff” which is what the first film is about. I’m going to transform a small room that is currently full of junk, into a studio. A film studio if you like, or a centre of excellence in everything lifesaving. I’m going to get camera equipment to film myself with, rather than use my Samsung phone. The sound will improve when I get a mic. I’m thinking a small Rode type thing. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Stay tuned ‘cos to be honest, nor do I yet.

First Aid Obviously

Sure, I know about First Aid, I’ve been teaching the stuff for long enough. I teach it every week, sometime to new mums and dads, sometimes to sporting men and women, sometimes to people that look after children for a living. So, Yeah, I’ve got the hang of this teaching thing. I’ve even got initials after my name for the first aid bits. So, yeah, I got that covered.

Filming, now that’s a different issue. I am what is known in the trade as someone who hasn’t got a clue. I’ve learnt from some of the best the internet (YouTube) has to offer and know that my first attempts are going to be awful. Thanks for that warning Sean Cannell. It doesn’t matter how much I spend on equipment, what camera I use, who I buy my lighting from or even what colour the walls are. If I don’t start filming something, I’m not going to get better. This is also why I’m filming the refurbishment of the office; I’ll be filming me opening boxes of supplies, and even my gift that YouTube has already sent me, just for being a Premium member. Yeah, I know, opening boxes of first aid supplies, how Rock ‘n Roll is that?

Yes, I’m going to be filming some right old rubbish over the next few weeks, but to quote a famously annoying upper-middle-class mother, “bear with”.

It will get easier on you (and me) and I may even make you laugh. Cry possibly but laugh hopefully. Like I said, I have no idea where this channel is going, what it’s going to be like, or even what I’m going to be talking about from week to week.


I’m afraid I’m going to be popping up weekly. Every day would be impossible for me to do, unless I give up the day job, (don’t tempt me), and any less than that and I’m afraid you’ll forget about me. So for now at least, weekly is the best I can do.

The content is somewhat up to you. OK, first aid, office refurbishment, gear, opening boxes of plasters and the occasional defibrillator, just for starters. Do you want to hear what I have to say about burns, asthma, diabetes, let me know.

You’re traveling and want to know if you should worry about snake and spider bites, I’ll cover that. Are you keen to find out if your ankle bone really is connected to your leg bone, then say so in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

So, if you really want to know about how a series of chemical reactions generate energy through the oxidization of acetate, from our food basically, into carbon dioxide, thus allowing us to basically be alive… then sorry. I teach that elsewhere. This is going to be basic stuff; I’m going to keep is simple.

Sure, there will be the occasional Latin word, can’t help that when waffling on about anatomy. There might be some long medical shizzle that I can’t avoid, but overall, simple is going to be the order of the day.

Simple is good

Simple, a bit like the stuff I’m filming with now, a smart phone, and light coming through the window. Which reminds me, I might have to tidy the garden if you lot are going to be looking through my windows. That will please the Mrs.

So, in conclusion… actually no.

To start with, here is my very first, very short, film about what’s to come.

Click that subscribe button, ring that bell, be nice in the comments, and I’ll be nice back.

You never know, it might be fun, and I might get more freebies from YouTube, most of which I’ll probably share with you lot.

Blimey, I almost forgot… here’s the video.